The Tip from the Professional: The Carpet Cleaning

The carpet is still the preferred floor covering in many households: the soft floor surface creates a particularly comfortable feel-good environment. A major disadvantage of carpets, however, is that it is much harder to remove dirt than, for example, on laminate or tiles. Here, wet wiping is usually enough, and the stain is gone. In the carpet, however, dirt and dust can stubbornly settle. Regular vacuuming helps – but sometimes it also hurts. In this respect, proper carpet cleaners are an important approach to household care.

How do you properly clean carpets and which popular cleaning equipment does more harm than good?!

In everyday life, carpets are usually heavily used. Shoes of residents and visitors add to the popular flooring. There are also crumbs and occasionally spilled liquids.

But: Much of what pollutes the carpet is not recognizable at first glance. Dust and pollutants from the air contaminate the fabric of the carpets. Therefore, near carpentry sites or busy roads, the carpets also pollute much faster and much more.

Brush vacuum cleaners are more effective

Sucking is the standard program in home care for cleaning carpets. Specialists recommend a brush vacuum cleaner. The mechanically driven brush taps the carpet a bit and the dirt dissolves better than when vacuuming with a regular carpet nozzle.

Many fluff are a bad sign

As the carpet is mechanically impacted when vacuuming, it can also damage the flooring. Especially if sand and dust have settled in the carpet for a long time. If you go over it with the vacuum cleaner, the little grains shave off the pile of the carpet, so to speak. If a lot of lint collects in the dust bag, that’s an indication. In this case, you should think about a professional cleaning of the carpet.

Regular and thorough vacuuming protects against pests

Regular vacuuming also helps against pest infestation, because on natural carpets and skins, among other things, the clothes moths like to lay their eggs. If more than 10 to 20 moths fly around the house, there is a need for action. If moths are found on the carpet, at least the runner is best brought to the cleaners or pest controllers. Large-area carpeting can be worked on site.

Do not rub out stains, just dab

Stains on the carpet should be removed as soon as possible after they have developed. There are basically no general purpose remedies. Every stain and every tissue is different. It would be best to put a thick towel on the fresh spot and let clear water through. Then draw the liquid of the stain into the towel. Dab, do not rub or even rub. This can permanently damage the carpet.

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