The Essential Kitchen Designs for You Now

The design of the kitchen island is a significant part of the interior design of the kitchen. Regardless of what you want to see in the end – a rural flavor or a bright and modern kitchen, there are lots of options that you like. Below are some ideas for decorating a dining room, and none of them will not leave you indifferent.

A mixture of different textures – a favorite of designers – here it is visible in all its glory. White color visually increases and without that not a small room, and the abundance of glass adds to the space of luxury. Floor and hanging cabinets allow you to store kitchen utensils, and two additional work surfaces provide an area for culinary experiments. With the right home kitchen design you will be able to have the perfection now.

This kitchen is more modern, but also luxurious. The combination of dark wood and light upholstery, a textured apron and fuzzy separation of zones – all this gives the room a certain charm. The huge windows create the illusion of dining under the open sky.Kitchen island design in your home – lots of details in the interior

Luxury in the open air

The style of this cuisine can be described as Asian minimalism. The main emphasis in the project is on a natural tree. Seamless butt lines in the design of this space attract a clear geometry.

Minimalism in the Asian spirit

Modern cuisine with a hint of romance is filled with comfort. Its highlight is a marble countertop, where it is so nice to enjoy a morning coffee or to discuss the events of the day for a family dinner.

Home coziness

The design of this space is distinguished by modern innovations. Due to its clear lines and strict geometric forms, it looks more like the abode of a business man than a family canteen. But it is this individuality that is attractive, is not it?

The kitchen of a businessman

Fans of traditional classics will definitely like the project presented below. From the room, it seems that it is stable, good-quality and confident. Cabinets of dark wood can accommodate all the necessary utensils and trinkets, which give the kitchen a personal imprint.

Confidence and Q-factor

To achieve a successful combination of modern and rustic styles is not an easy task. However, here it is performed perfectly. The floors of natural wood and marble countertops in one room look great, is not it?

Modernity and rural charm

A light rustic flair is seen in every element of this kitchen. Pure thin lines, different surface textures and light falling from the ceiling windows – all this deserves attention.

Country charm

Family dream kitchen and that says it all. The combination of the finish of the color of baked milk, open cabinets and Turquoise Island looks homely at home. A small bar, a hidden refrigerator and many cabinets add to the comfort of versatility.
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