Choose curtains as per your home decor

Before choosing the best curtains in Singapore, Also look at the style of your house: in old houses pleated, rich fabrics are beautiful, while straight curtains do well in new buildings. Tip:  Curtains to the floor are always the best.

Choose beautiful curtains

Singapore shops have a beautiful collection of window decoration, self-designed. This collection consists of fabric curtains to pleated blinds and from blinds to blinds. This window decoration with high quality is available in various colors and designs. Moreover, this decoration is suitable for every room.Some substances discolor in the sunlight, a lining goes against it. In the bedroom it is also smart to take curtains with a (light-tight) lining, so that it is well dark. For windows with single glazing, a quilted lining provides insulation.

How much dust do you need?

Take a curtain rail or rod that is 20 centimeters wider than the windows so that the curtains do not hang in front of the window when you slide them open. Adjust the amount of dust to the length of the rail.

Business Ideas for individuals

House concierge during the holidays is good business idea:   When your guests are away, a janitor takes care of emptying the mailbox, feeding the cat and watering the plants. By turning on and off the light, he prevents the house from falling prey to burglars. It will also turn on the heat before they return.

Advice: Target early small business owners who probably do not have a house employee to do this job. This is nowadays the best proposal to discover Singapore businesses.

Since the holidays are relatively seasonal, you see this idea more as an ancillary activity to make ends meet. This project could succeed to a person who seeks independence and who likes to work alone, and who likes when things are done well. To validate if this idea is for you, why not distribute a few hundred flyers in neighborhoods around your home, with your photo and address to inspire confidence?

How radish can help to cure Jaundice?

Radish is very good for the liver and therefore good at jaundice home treatment. It also acts as a powerful detoxifier to purify the blood and help eliminate harmful toxins and wastes, including bilirubin, from the body. Both, radish and radish leaves can be used in the treatment of jaundice. Extract the juice of some fresh radish leaves. Drink a glass of radish leaf juice twice a day for about 10 days to ensure faster recovery. You can also add a teaspoon of crushed basil leaves in it. You can also eat fresh radish, black radish especially every morning for two weeks. You can eat them in salad or soup.

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